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FluteSpaBaltimore is not liable for your possessions. Keep your flutes and belongings with you at all times. 

FluteSpaBaltimore 2020

FluteSpaBaltimore 2020


Flute Choir Retreat


 Patricia George

Sara Nichols

Wendy Webb Kumer

July 10-11, 2020

Accessing Your Creative Self


In Participatory Classes we will:

Experiment with extended techniques to create resonance and flexibility 

Develop a fluent technique in the third octave 

Design an empowering and inspirational practice routine

Body mapping



Flute Choir Retreat

Reading Sessions

Concert Preparation

The flute choir will explore the latest original works, transcriptions

of classical gems, jazz and popular favorites, low flute repertoire, and much

more. Let's enjoy the camaraderie and have fun!




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